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Types Of home security Systems

Investing on security systems is one of the best things you can do to
protect your family. Did you know that burglary takes place every
15.4 seconds?

That gave me shivers and I immediately thought about my family’s safety.
Luckily, there are so many security systems to choose from.

There are two basic types of home security systems-indoor and outdoor.

How do indoor systems work?

They check for opening of doors and windows or signs of movement inside the house.

The system can detect movements by using motion sensors. With the indoor
system, you have to enter a special code into the control set and this
will let you set your alarm whenever you need to, of course you can turn
it off before you enter your house.

What about the outdoor system? It monitors your grounds and most of these
systems are programmed to turn on flood lights at the slightest hint of
movement on your grounds. Latest models alreadyhave the ability to check
the size and weight of the intruder before setting off the alarm.

The result?

Fewer false alarms! Now you can stop blaming your neighbour’s cat for
ruining your sleep every night.

Some outdoor systems also include driveway alarms so you can keep
carnappers at bay.

You also have to decide whether you want electric or battery-powered
alarm system. Although battery-powered are considered to be more
reliable in case of a power shutdown, you have to check the battery
supply on a regular basis unlike the electric alarm.

If you have extra money to spare, why not go for sophisticated and
state-of-the-art security systems? You can opt for the added security
of CCTV and wireless video surveillance. These usually consist of
numerous transmitters and one receiver that are connected to your
TV or VCR.

For added peace of mind, you can choose an alarm or
security system that comes with a built-in smoke detector.

Always remember though that we cannot entirely depend on home
security systems because we have to do our part as well.

Invest on sturdy doors and windows that you can bolt and lock.
Place grills on your windows so that if somebody destroys the
glass and tries to break in, he won’t be able to.

Lastly, make sure you have adequate lighting around the house.
As they always say, nothing discourages a would-be intruder than
a bright light.

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